Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chronique d’histoire d'Outre-Mer: Les Antilles Françaises (1970-1974)

Debien, Gabriel, Chronique d’histoire d'Outre-Mer: Les Antilles françaises (1970-1974), Revue Française d'Histoire d'Outre-Mer, no. 230-231, 1976 & no. 234, 1977.

Disponible en ligne ici.

The reaction of French opinion at various points of the Algerian war, how they considered the solution to the Algerian question and the future of Algeria is the aim of this study, based mainly on I.F.O.P. sample surveys, the only ones to have been regularly conducted in France. It shows that partisans of “French Algeria” were few, even after May 13th 1958, and support for compatriots in Algeria rather faint. Beyond the antagonism and uncertainty of the French, who never were unanimous on the question and pronounced themselves according to their own ideology, a certain indifference tainted with hostility can be discerned, as was the case in each colonial crisis. The presumptive resignation of the French to the loss of Algeria will perhaps surprise those who lived through the Algerian tumult, though not those who know the deep pacifism of opinion. The dread of an unending war prevailed over all other feelings.

* Cover doesn't correspond to the contents.

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