Tuesday, February 16, 2016

7 Años con Muñoz Marín 1938-1945, (Diario íntimo de un Taquígrafo)

Córdova, Olivio de Lieban, 7 años con Muñoz Marín 1938-1945 (Diario íntimo de un Taquígrafo), Prólogo del Lcdo. Armando A. Miranda, San Juan: Editorial Esther, 1945.

In 1938, Muñoz Marín helped create the Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico (Partido Popular Democratico, or PPD). The party committed to helping the jíbaros, regardless of their political beliefs, by promoting a minimum wage, initiatives to provide food and water, cooperatives to work with agriculture, and the creation of more industrial alternatives.[36] Muñoz Marín concentrated his political campaigning in the rural areas of Puerto Rico. He attacked the then common practice of paying off rural farm workers to influence their vote, insisting that they "lend" their vote for only one election. The party's first rally attracted solid participation, which surprised the other parties..

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