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Boletim do Centro Latino-Americano de Pesquisas em Ciências Sociais (Journal)

Boletim do Centro Latino-Americano de Pesquisas em Ciências Sociais, Ano V No. 1 - 2 Janeiro - Junho 1962.

Comunidades Rurais No Haiti – Maurice A. Lubin.

Negros no Paraguai – Paulo de Carvalho Neto.

Exodo Rural – Moisés Poblete Troncoso (ver Sergio Poblete).

Panorama Econômico e Social da América Latina.

Historic Site Preservation in the Caribbean: A Status Report

Towle, Judith A., Historic Site Preservation in the Caribbean: A Status Report, St. Thomas USVI: Island Resources Foundation, 1978.

See also Island Resources Foundation.

From the introduction:
This publication was originally issued as a final report for a segment of an American Revolution Bicentennial project funded jointly by the Island Resources Foundation, the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States. As initiated and coordinated by the Foundation, the project effort, entitled “The Caribbean and the American Revolution”, was designed to complete a preliminary inventory of Caribbean historic sites, with the majority of the sites surveyed dating from the eighteenth century and, specifically, the era of the American Revolution.

Dominica Citizen's Guide

MCL Publications, Dominica Citizen's Guide, Dominica: MCL Publications, 1978.

Dominica …, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, south-southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique. Its size is 750 square kilometres (290 sq mi) and the highest point in the country is Morne Diablotins, which has an elevation of 1,447 metres (4,747 ft). The Commonwealth of Dominica had a population of 72,301 at the 2014 Census. The capital is Roseau which is located on the leeward side of the island.

"Operation Bootstrap" in Puerto Rico: Report of Progress

Chase, Stuart, "Operation Bootstrap" in Puerto Rico: Report of Progress, Washington DC: National Planning Association, 1951.

This study by Stuart Chase was undertaken on the initiative of the National Planning Association under the sponsorship of its Business Committee on National Policy. Funds required for the study were provided by the Economic Development Administration of the Puerto Rican Government on the request of the National Planning Association.

Tax and Trade Guide Puerto Rico

Arthur Andersen & Co., Tax and Trade Guide Puerto Rico, Arthur Andersen, 1964.

From the Introduction:
This guide presents the fundamentals of the tax and trade laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to aid the businessman and his adviser who seek information on doing business there.

The Voyage of the Niña II

Marx Robert F., The Voyage of the Niña II, Cleveland: World Pub. Co., 1963.

Reviewed in Kirkus Reviews.

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Readings in the Political Economy of the Caribbean

Girvan, Norman, & Owen Jefferson, (Eds.) Readings in the Political Economy of the Caribbean, Kingston: New World Group, 1971.

Reviewed in Caribbean Studies © 1973.
Reviewed in Social and Economic Studies © 1973.

From the introduction:
The nineteen articles reprinted in this volume are drawn mainly from New World Publications, and represent broadly the “new school” of political economy to emerge in the English –speaking Caribbean in the decade of the 1960’s. To appreciate their significance it is necessary to locate them in the context of the political, economic and intellectual developments of the region.


1. Independent Thought and Caribbean Freedom, by Lloyd Best.
2. Size and Survival, by Lloyd Best.

3. Sugar, Our Life or Death?, by Havelock Brewster.
4. Sugar and Change, by George Beckford, Havelock Brewster, Robert Kirkwood, G. Arthur Brown, Clive Thomas, Orlando Patterson & Wilmot Perkins.
5. Issues in the Windward Islands-Jamaica ‘Banana War’, by George Beckford.
6. Corporate v. Caribbean Integration, by Norman Girvan & Owen Jefferson.

7. Dependence as an Obstacle to Growth in Puerto Rico, by Eduardo Seda-Bonilla.
8. Jamaica’s Post-War Economic Development, by Owen Jefferson.
9. Trinidad’s Post-War Economy, 1945-1950, by Edwin Carrington.
10. Industrialization by Invitation in Trinidad Since 1950, by Edwin Carrington.

11. Imperial Monetary Arrangements and the Caribbean, by Clive Thomas.
12. Devaluation and Dependence, by University of the West Indies Economics.
13. Caribbean Economic Community, by Alister McIntyre.
14. Restructuring the Trinidad Economy, by Selwyn Ryan.
15. Planning and Economic Development in Guyana, by Havelock Brewster.
16. Measuring Economic Progress, by Owen Jefferson.
17. Why We Need to Nationalize Bauxite, and How, by Norman Girvan.
18. The Long Term Economic, Political and Cultural Programme for Guyana, by New World Associates.
19. Unemployment in Jamaica, by Norman Girvan,