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Latin American Panorama: An Anthology

Kramer, Paul, & Robert E. McNicoll, Eds., Latin American Panorama: An Anthology, New York: Capricorn Books, 1969.

I. Selections from The Conquest of Peru, by William Hickling Prescott.

II. The New World, by Lord Acton.

III. The European Background of Brazilian History, by Gilberto Freyre.

IV. Manuelita Sáenz, by German Arciniegas.

V. The Later American Policy of George Canning, by H.V.W. Temperley.

VI. Selections from The Voyage of the Beagle, by Charles Darwin.

VII. Selections from “Dr. Francia”, by Thomas Carlyle.

VIII. The Rise and Fall of the Mexican Empire, by Lord Acton.

IX. The Relation of the Races in South America, by Lord Bryce.

X. Whose Hemisphere?, by Arthur Preston Whitaker.

XI. Chile: The Economic Crisis, by André Siegfried.

XII. Selections from “The Rich Culture of Mexico”, by F.S.C. Northrop.

XIII. Intellectual Origins of Aprismo, by Robert E. McNicoll.

XIV. Some Effects of Population Growth on Latin America’s Economy, by Alfonso Gonzalez.

XV. Swan Lake, by Paul Kramer.

XVI. Fidel Castro, by Frank Tannenbaum.

XVII. Power and Social Change in Colombia: The Cauca Valley, by Cole Blasier.

XVIII. Cuban Students in Politics: 1956 – 57, by Jaime Suchlicki.

XIX. Mexican Machismo: Politics and Value Orientations, by Evelyn P. Stevens.

The Buccaneers of America

Esquemeling, John, The Buccaneers of America: A True Account of the Most Remarkable Assaults Committed of Late Years Upon the Coasts of the West Indies, New York: Dover Publications, 1967.

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This Dover edition, first published in 1967, is an unabridged and unaltered republication of the work first published by Swan Sonnenschein & Co. in 1893.