Saturday, February 13, 2016

Indian Notes, Vol. 3, No. 3, 1926 (journal)

Museum of the American Indian, Indian Notes, Volume Three, Number Three, July 1926. (fragile)

Stone Sculptures from the Finca Arevalo, Guatemala, by S. K. Lothrop.

Primitive Pueblo Ruin in Northwestern Arizona, by M. R. Harrington.

The Stone “Collars” of Porto Rico, by Marshall H. Saville.

Arikara Genesis and its Teachings, by Melvin R. Gilmore.

Chumash Objects from a California Cave, by George G. Heye.

Dakota Offering Sticks, by James R. Walker (presented by Melvin R. Gilmore).

Moccasin-bundle of the Crows, by William Wildschut.

An “Iroquois Sash”, by William C. Orchard.

The Indian Garden, by Melvin R. Gilmore.

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