Monday, February 15, 2016

Acclimatization in the Andes

Monge, Carlos, Acclimatization in the Andes: historical confirmation of climatic aggression in the development of Andean man, Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1948. (fragile)

Available as an American Council of Learned Societies eBook.

See also Andean Biology in Peru: Scientific Styles on the Periphery.

From the Foreword, by Isaiah Bowman:
Out of experimental data that have not yet been published and in the light of relevant historical material, Dr. Monge has drawn certain conclusions about biological effects in high altitudes. The whole is presented as a preliminary study to be followed by a series of scientific papers. Three themes are interwoven in this fascinating account of altitude effects on man. They are, (1) the conclusions drawn from the experimental work of the Institute of Andean Biology, of which Dr. Monge is director; (2) the evidence in the chronicles of early Peru that the fair treatment of natives was one of the earliest policy conceptions of Inca government; and (3) successive colonial and republican governments of Peru, over a long period of time, have largely neglected problems of human conservation that arise among the highland population.

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