Saturday, February 6, 2016

Foreword to Sugar and Society in the Caribbean (separata)

Mintz, Sidney W., Foreword reprinted from Guerra y Sanchez, R., Sugar and Society in the Caribbean, Caribbean Series 7, Yale University Press, New Haven, 1964, pp. xi-xiiv.

First four sentences:
In this book about men and sugar, Dr. Ramiro Guerra recounts a history. His story is laid in the Caribbean islands – islands which, for most of us, did not even exist a decade ago. Dr. Guerra purports to demonstrate that in these islands men and sugar were long ago drawn into remarkably patterned relationships, and that all of these relationships have developed along some parallel course or trajectory. This is history – social, political, and economic history – and it aspires to be generalizing; its author means to locate sociological regularities within bodies of historical fact.


  1. Hello, My wife is Anita Lavaisse, the great, great grandaughter of Juan José Dauxión Lavaisse who wrote a book of travels in Trinidad, Tobago etc that you have in your collection. WE have a photocopy and would like to get a good copy scanned so that all of our family can have access to this. Do you happen to have your copy scanned. My email is Peter_Felker@hotmailcom

    Thank you

    1. I assume you are referring to this (None of my books are scanned by me; to do so, I would have to check if it is copyright protected):