Saturday, February 13, 2016

Indian Notes, Vol. 5, No. 2, 1928 (journal)

Museum of the American Indian, Indian Notes, Volume Five, Number Two, April 1928. (fragile)

Some Indian Ideas of Property, by Melvin R. Gilmore.

Fraudulent Black-ware Pottery of Colombia, by Marshall H. Saville.

A Porto Rican Three-pointed Stone, by S. K. Lothrop.

An Historic Iroquois Warclub, by Louis Schellbach.

Divination by Scapulimancy among the Algonquin of River Desert, Quebec, by Frank G. Speck.

The Algonquin at Golden Lake, Ontario, by Frederick Johnson.

An Immense Pomo Basket, by Arthur Woodward.

Ruins in Southwestern Colorado, by Ernest Ingersoll.

Some Portraits of Thayendanegea, by F. W. Hodge.

A Matinecoc Site on Long Island, by F. P. Orchard.

Old Cradle from Taos, New Mexico, by F. W. Hodge.

Tracing the Pueblo Boundary in Nevada, by M. R. Harrington.

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