Monday, February 18, 2013

Bim, Vol. 10, No. 41 (Journal)

Collymore, Frank A., A.N. Forde, L. Edward Brathwaite & Harold Marshall (Eds.), Bim, Vol. 10, No. 41 June – December, 1965.

Frontispiece: W. Therold Barnes
We Shall Have a Lady, by B. Ramon-Fortune
On the Road to Antioch, by Elma Napier
A Sunday Morning, by Lorain Rostant
Fly Back to Me, by A.N. Forde
The Chink in his Armour, by Millicent Payne
Edgar Mittelholzer, by Frank A. Collymore
Caribbean Mosaic – Poems
The Village Shop, by Michael Anthony
Memoirs of a Lesser Casanova, by Kevyn Alan Arthur
Two Poems, by Lawrence P. Spingarn
Those I Do Not Know, by Lorain Rostant
Therold: A Tribute, by Frank A. Collymore
The Lonely Nobody, by Bernard C. Graham
Car Drive, by Timothy Callendar
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