Sunday, February 10, 2013

British Guiana: Problems of Cohesion in an Immigrant Society

Newman, Peter, British Guiana: Problems of Cohesion in an Immigrant Society, London, New York: Oxford University Press for the Institute of Race Relations, 1964.

From the back cover:
In this book, Professor Newman portrays British Guiana on its way to independence. Against a historical and geographical background, he examines on the one hand the tensions between the main ethnic groups – in particular the Indians and the Negroes – and on the other the relations with Britain. Particular emphasis is laid on the interplay between political and economic factors.

Peter Newman was until recently Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan, and has also spent four years in the West Indies, where he was Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University there. He was Visiting Professor of Political Economy at Johns Hopkins University in 1964 – 65 and has held academic and government appointments in many parts of the world.

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