Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Whites and the Coloureds

Lewis, E.R., The Whites and the Coloureds, London: Susan Tully Ltd., n.d.

This booklet is intended to focus the attention of both white and coloured people on the impediments to a completely integrated human society irrespective of one’s colour. In so doing, I hope that a better understanding will result from a candid and objective approach to the thorny but factual problems of race relationship. I would like to make two things quite clear to my readers. Firstly while I can be classified as a black man to use a common term, within me I sincerely believe and order my life wherever and whenever possible as that of a man who is neither black, red, yellow nor white as the world is wont to divide mankind but as an individual who is just one of the vast brotherhood of man. Secondly, I think it would be unfair to my readers not to say something of the environment and circumstances that probably conditioned this way of thinking. I was born in Trinidad, West Indies, and christened Earl Rupert Lewis. Bearing in mind that I am fully negroid I shall endeavor to the best of my knowledge to explain briefly for the sake of my readers how I, an offspring of indigenous African stock happened to be born in the West Indies, and given what is recognized as purely English names.

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