Monday, December 26, 2016

La República Dominicana: Una Ficción

Jimenes Grullón, J. I., La República Dominicana: una ficción: análisis de la evolución histórica y de la presencia actual del coloniaje y el colonialismo en Santo Domingo, Mérida Venezuela: Talleres Gráficos Universitarios, 1965.

De Wikipedia en Inglés:
Juan Isidro Jimenes Grullón (born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on June 17, 1903 – August 10, 1983) was a Dominican essayist, historian, physician, philosopher, educator and politician. (…)In 1934, Jimenes was discovered plotting against the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo and was imprisoned and then exiled in 1935. He lived in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the United States and Cuba where he remained in exile for twenty-six years while he continued to fight the tyranny of Trujillo. In 1941 while still in Cuba, he and other Dominican exiles on the island, founded the Dominican Revolutionary Party and the Dominican Patriotic Alliance. He participated in the failed expedition of Constanza, Maimon and Estero Hondo in 1959. Six months after Trujillo's assassination he returned to his country and immediately integrated plunged into national policy. In 1962, Jimenes was a candidate for the Presidency with the Social Democratic Alliance party. He also taught history and sociology at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. He published twenty books in the fields of sociology, philosophy, history and literature.

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