Thursday, December 29, 2016

In the Tropics: by a Settler in Santo Domingo

Fabens, Joseph Warren, In the Tropics: by a Settler in Santo Domingo / With an introductory notice by Richard B. Kimball, New York: Carleton, 1863.

Available online.

Author and commercial agent Joseph W. Fabens and land speculator Henry L. Kinney were filibusters in Central America in 1855. In 1854, largely financed by New York backers, Kinney purchased millions of acres of land in Nicaragua under dubious legal circumstances, with the intent to start a colony. In February 1855 Kinney was warned that his proposed colony might violate the U.S. Neutrality Act as well. In April 1855 both Kinney and Fabens were arrested in New York and their vessel blockaded by the U.S. Navy at its East River wharf. Released on bail Kinney slipped out of New York and traveled to Nicaragua. With a handful of followers he launched a failed revolt against both the Nicaraguan government and the regime of fellow American William Walker.

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