Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Caste in Overseas Indian Communities

Schwartz, Barton M., Ed., Caste in Overseas Indian Communities, San Francisco: Chandler Publishing Co., 1967.

Reviewed in The International Migration Review © 1969.


Introduction by Adrian C. Mayer.

Caste in Mauritius, by Burton Benedict.

Caste and Social Status among the Indians of Guyana, by Raymond T. Smith and Chandra Jayawardena.

Caste and Identity in Guyana, by Philip Singer.

The Failure of Caste in Trinidad, by Barton M. Schwartz.

The Function of Caste among the Indians of the Oropuche Lagoon, Trinidad, by Arthur Niehoff.

Caste among Hindus in a Town in Trinidad: San Fernando, by Colin Clarke.

The Caste System and the Hindustani Group in Surinam, by Johan D. Speckmann.

Caste and Endogamy in Fiji, by Barton M. Schwartz.

Changes in Caste of the South African India, by Hilda Kuper.

Caste among the Indians of Uganda, by H.S. Morris.

Ideology and Content of Caste among the Indians of East Africa, by Agehananda Bharati.

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