Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Land Columbus Loved: The Dominican Republic

Harding, Bertita, The Land Columbus Loved: The Dominican Republic, New York: Coward – McCann, Inc., 1949.

Reviewed in Kirkus.

Bertita Harding (11 November 1902 – 31 December 1971) was a royal biographer with an easy and sometimes humorous style that made her a popular author.
In 1940 she made a trip to Brazil that inspired her books on the House of Braganza of Brazil. The following year she began a career as lecturer, giving more than 120 lectures throughout the United States. During World War II her husband served as lieutenant colonel and she sold war bonds on support of the troops. In the last part of the 1940s Bertita published The Land Columbus loved, a traveling book written with her husband, and wrote, Mosaic, in the Fountain, an autobiographical book covering her childhood. The couple had an active social life and traveled extensively as Bertita continued her series of lectures around the United States.

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