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Bim, Vol. 14, No. 55 (Journal)

Bim, Vol. 14, No. 55, July – December 1972.

Table of Contents:

The West Indian, by C.L.R. James.

The Fellow Travelers, by John Wickham.

O Hearing Wilson Harris Speak, by Berenth Lindfors.

Flying Fishing, by Elwyn Parry-Jones.

West Indian Poetry: Some Problems of Assessment – Part Two, by F.G. Rohlehr.

Gran Nan, by Cynthia Wilson.

Caribbean Collage – James Berry, Faustin Charles, Frank Collymore, John Figueroa, Denis Foster, A. L. Hendriks, Robert Lee, Ian McDonald, Mervyn Morris, Bruce St. John, John Wickham.

Things in the Silence, by Harold Marshall

Notes and Additions to the Barbadian Glossary, by Frank Collymore.

Bay Brown Window, by Ron Welburn

Esmeralda, by Timothy Callender.

Towards an Eastern Caribbean Federation.

Think If You Can Of Beauty, by John McClellan.

Look Homeward Bajan, by Clare MacCulloch.

Book Reviews.

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