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Social Research, Vol. 36, No. 4 (Journal)

Social Research, Vol. 36, No. 4, Winter, 1969.

Social Research has its origins in the New School's historic effort to provide intellectuals safe haven as the Nazis began to threaten Jewish scholars prior to the onset of WWII. This group of rescued scholars, known as the University in Exile, launched Social Research: An International Quarterly of the Political and Social Sciences in 1934 on the core conviction that every true university must have its own distinct public voice.

Table of Contents:
De Homine Abscondito, by Helmuth Plessner.

Human Nature and Modern Society, by Paul Leyhausen.

Biological Glimpses of Some Aspects of Human Sociology, by H. Hediger.

Assortment and Selection, by Ilse Schwidetzky.

Darwinian Sociology Without Social Darwinism, by Alexander Alland, Jr.

Philosophers and Intellectuals: The Question of Academic Freedom.

White Versus Colored in Britain: An Explosive Confrontation?, by Daniel C. Kramer.

The International Scene – Current Trends in the Social Sciences: Metabletics of Loneliness: An Account of J.H. van den Berg’s Life in Multiplicity, by M. Jacobs.

Book Reviews:

Ivar Oxall, Black Intellectuals Come to Power: The Rise of Creole Nationalism in Trinidad & Tobago, reviewed by Thomas G. Mathews.

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