Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Brief Sketch of British Honduras

Anderson, A.H., A Brief Sketch of British Honduras, British Honduras, n.p., 1954.

About the author (pdf):
Hamilton was born on November 30, 1901, in Melbourne, Australia, to Scottish Presbyterian missionary parents. Though life led him through many lands, he was always a Scot and proud of it, and he often found that his heritage served him well in the tasks to which he dedicated himself. After a brief period in Australia, the Anderson family moved to a new post in Kenya, where much of Hamilton's early schooling was completed in Nairobi.
Hamilton went out to British Honduras in 1927 for a brief stay, or so he thought; after his father's death, his sojourn lengthened to 40 years, and British Honduras virtually became his home, though the ties with the British Isles were never severed.

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