Sunday, March 5, 2017

Gambage / by Earl Augustus & others

Augustus, Earle, Gambage / by Earl Augustus & others, Trinidad & Tobago: University of West Indies, 1966.

From the Foreword:
Every type of society is in a constant state of change…
One consequence of this change is the rapid disappearance of many of our legacies. One of these legacies is the stories of bygone days. A team of young men led by Mr. Earl Augustus is attempting to record and preserve what is left of these tales. This volume is the first of the series of five to be compiled by the team and published by the U.W.I. Extra-Mural Department. I wish to recommend the book especially for children but hope that adults will also find the stories interesting.

E.D. Ramesar
Resident Tutor.

Table of Contents:
How Nancy Fooled Lion.

Rat, Rabbit and Cat.

Courage! Compere Goat.

Why Nancy Lives in a Roof.

Keys to Understanding.



Solutions to Puzzles and Notes (…) Nancy: Represented by the Spider, reputed to be the most crafty figure in the New World

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