Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Social and Economic Studies, Vol. 28 (Journal)

Social and Economic Studies, [A Special Issue on Science and Technology Policy in the Caribbean], Vol. 28, No. 1, Jamaica: ISER, March 1979.


The Approach to Technology Policy Studies, by Norman Girvan.

Select Technological Issues in Agro-Industry (I), by J.H. Dellimore.

Critical Analysis of Agricultural Research and Development: Institutions and their Activities, by L.B. Coke & P.I.Gomes.

Select Technological Issues in Agro-Industry (II), by Judy A. Whitehead.

Technology Leasing as the Latest Imperialist Phase: A Case Study of Guyana and Trinidad, by Maurice A. Odle.

A Tale of Two Issues: Nationalisation, the Transfer of Technology and the Petroleum Multinationals in Trinidad & Tobago, by Trevor M.A. Farrell.

A Technological Policy for Petrochemicals in CARICOM, by Steve DeCastro.

Notes on Contributors.

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