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Americanization in Puerto Rico and the Public School System, 1900-1930

Negrón de Montilla, Aida, Americanization in Puerto Rico and the Public School System, 1900-1930, Rio Piedras: Editorial Edil, 1970.

From the Introduction:
The study is restricted to the task of finding out whether or not the Department of Education has been engaged in the process of Americanization of Puerto Rico, as revealed by the content of the circular letters issued by the Commissioners of Education from 1900 to 1930. Through the fulfillment of this objective, the study will make possible the identification of those trends characterizing the public educational policies on matters related to Americanization from 1900 to 1930. Thus it is expected that this study will find and answer to the nature of the role, if any, of the Department of Education in the Americanization process of the island.

1. Historical Background to the First Organic Act, the Military Regime: 1898 - 1900.

2. The First Organic Act of Puerto Rico: the Beginnings of Civil Government and Organization of the Department of Education.

3. Commissioner Martin G. Brumbaugh: 1900 – 1901.

4. Commissioner Samuel McCune Lindsay: 1902 – 1904.

5. Commissioner Roland P. Falkner: 1904 –1907.

6. Commissioner Edwin G. Dexter: 1907 – 1912.

7. Commissioner Edward M. Bainter: 1912 – 1915.

8. Commissioner Paul G. Miller: 1915 – 1921.

9. Commissioner Juan B. Huyke: 1921 – 1930.

10. Summary and Conclusions.


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