Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Land of Look Behind: A Study of Jamaica

Macmillan, Mona, The Land of Look Behind: a Study of Jamaica, London: Faber and Faber, 1957.

William Miller Macmillan’s Family:
Mona Macmillan became an author in her own right, publishing Introducing East Africa in 1952, The Land of Look Behind: A Study of Jamaica (1957), Mediator and Moderator: The life of Sir Henry Barkly, 1969, Champion of Africa: W.M. Macmillan, the second phase, 1985, and a memoir, Mona's Story, posthumously, in 2008. She also edited the writings of the controversial Zambian archbishop, Emmanuel Milingo, and, with her daughter, Catriona, the correspondence of the Pratt family. She died in Oxfordshire in 2003 at the age of 95..

From the book jacket:
At a time when an independent Caribbean Federation is due to be born, this study of one of the strongest Federal members (and incidentally Britain’s second oldest colony in the area) is very apt. Mrs. MacMillan has written a vivid account of the island of Jamaica. This is not a history book though she tells its story from the days of the Spanish occupation, through the British conquest and the heyday of the plantocracy, down to the present rapid progress towards complete self-government. It is with the present –and the future- of Jamaica that the author is really concerned. She describes the scenery, the industries, the economy, the life of the island with its contrast of fabulous millionaire beaches and poverty stricken shacks. She does much to explain the apparently hopeless prospects which have driven so many Jamaicans to seek a better future in Britain.

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