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Politics, Public Administration and Rural Development in the Caribbean

Illy, Hans F., Politics, Public Administration and Rural Development in the Caribbean, München, Köln: Arnold-Bergstraesser-Inst., 1983. (Signed by the author for Dr. Mathews)

Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute (ABI) – Illy, Prof. Dr. Hans F..

Table of Contents:

Constraints on Rural Development in the Caribbean, by Hans F. Illy.

Plantations as Institutions Under Stress in the Caribbean Today – A Historical-Geographic Approach, by Frank C. Innes.

Public Administration in the Era of Independence, by Ken I. Boodhoo.

Desarrollo Administrativo en el Caribe y el Caso de la República Dominicana, por José María Jácome M.

Peasants, Government, and Technological Change in Haitian Agriculture, by Mats Lundahl.

Socialism and Agricultural Policies in Jaiamica in the 1970’s, by Carl Stone.

From Slavery to Nationalization: the St. Kitts Plantation System and the People’s Move Toward Political Independence, by David H. Bai.

The Surinamese Society in Transition, by Betty Sedoc-Dahlberg.

El Proceso de Colectivización Rural en Cuba (English Summary), por Juan Valdez Paz.

A Critical Assessment of Cuban Agriculture, by Sergio Roca.

El Reto del Desempleo y la Política de Distribución de Tierras en Puerto Rico (English Summary), por Francisco Watlington Linares.

Some Reflections on Agricultural Policy in Belize, by Cornelius P. Cacho.

Developing Marketing Systems in the Dominican Republic, by Jerry LaGra.

Social Control Instead of Social Change: The Administration of Land Reform in the Dominican Republic, by Hans F. Illy.

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