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Regionalism and the Commonwealth Caribbean

Preiswerk, Roy, Ed., Regionalism and the Commonwealth Caribbean, papers presented at the "Seminar on the foreign policies of Caribbean States", April-June 1968, Trinidad & Tobago: Institute of International Relations, University of the West Indies, 1969. (2 copies)

Table of Contents:
Roy Preiswerk: The New Regional Dimensions of the Foreign Policies of the Commonwealth Caribbean


[A.] General Part:
1.) Christopher Eckenstein: The Rationale and Obstacles of Regional Integration among Developing Countries
2.) C.P. Cacho: Rationale for Changes in the Directional Emphasis of Commonwealth Caribbean Trade
3.) Christopher Eckenstein: Regional Integration among Unequally Developed Countries
4.) Jorge Mendez: Multi-National Coordination of Plans and Policies in the Process of Integration

[B.] Caribbean Cooperation and Integration:
5.) Frank Rampersad: The Caribbean Free Trade Association
6.) Fitzgerald Francis: The Caribbean Development Bank
7.) Bertram Collins: The Caribbean Regional Secretariat
8.) Kamaluddin Mohammed: Common Services in the Caribbean
9.) Eric St. Cyr: Foreign Aid to the Caribbean from the Angle of Integrative Efforts
10.) Luis A. Passalacqua Christian: The Role of the Caribbean Economic Development Corporation (CODECA) in Caribbean Cooperation
11.) Thomas Mathews: Caribbean Cooperation in the Field of Higher Education
12.) Krishna Bahadoorsingh: The East Caribbean Federation Attempts
13.) Yves Collart: Regional Conflict Resolution in the Commonwealth Caribbean

[C.] The Commonwealth Caribbean and Latin American Integration:
14.) Demetrio Boersner: Latin American Attitudes Towards the Caribbean
15.) Luis Rosas: The Economic Integration of the Andean Group
16.) Raul Sosa Rodriguez: Economic Cooperation and Integration Between Latin American and Caribbean Countries


17.) Anthony Maingot: National Sovereignty, Collective Security and the Realities of Power in the Caribbean Area
18.) Robert Woetzel: The Organization of Caribbean States and Caribbean Security
19.) Christian Dominice: The Denuclearization of Latin America

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