Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Party Politics in the West Indies

James, Cyril Lionel Robert, Party Politics in the West Indies, Trinidad: Vedic Enterprises Ltd., 1962.

From the Foreword:
This document aims first at giving some idea of what the internal life of a modern political party should be. It is divided into two Sections, comprising in all five Parts. I now publish only Section One which consists of Parts I, II, and III. These three Parts give a documented account: (a) of the incompetence, inefficiency and gross neglect of the organization of the PNM; (b) detailed analyses and programmes submitted by me to PNM from June 1958, three months after I arrived here, to the time of my resignation from the Party organ, The Nation, in July 1960.

From the back cover:
CLR James was born in Trinidad in 1901 and was a teacher and journalist before he left for England in 1932. Soon after his arrival there he became a revolutionary socialist. With George Padmore, Jomo Kenyatta and others, he formed a centre of anti-imperialist thought and action during the thirties. At a time when independence for Africa was considered by almost everyone an unrealistic dream, they wrote, published and lectured for freedom for all the colonies. In 1957 he was a guest of the Ghana Government at their independence celebrations and again visited Ghana in 1960. In April 1958, at the invitation of the Governor-General, he returned to the West Indies for the inauguration of the Federal Parliament. He has since lectured throughout the islands and in British Guiana and, at the request of the People’s National Movement, edited the newspaper, The Nation, for two years.

C.L.R. James’s obituary in The Hispanic American Historical Review © 1990.

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