Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Rastafarians: A Study in Messianic Cultism in Jamaica

Barrett, Leonard E., The Rastafarians: a study in messianic cultism in Jamaica, Rio Piedras: Institute of Caribbean Studies, University of Puerto Rico, 1963.

Reviewed in Caribbean Studies © 1970.

Preview of update available at Questia.

From the author’s “acknowledgements”:
This monograph is based on a Ph.D. dissertation submitted to Temple University in 1967, the research for which was undertaken with the encouragement of Dr. Bernard Phillips, Chairman of the Department of Religion at Temple University, who, throughout the project showed great interest, giving valuable advice for which the author is grateful. The counsel and guidance of Dr. William Schwab, Professor of Anthropology, also of Temple University, were of great assistance in carrying out the study. Valuable suggestions were also received from Professors George E. Simpson of Oberlin College, M.G. Smith of the University of Southern California, and Sidney Mintz of Yale University, all of whom have done research in Jamaican culture.

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