Sunday, April 3, 2016

Education for Development in the Caribbean

Edwards, P. A., Education for Development in the Caribbean, Study paper # 3, Bridgetown, Barbados: Caribbean Ecumenical Consultation for Development, 1971.

From the Introduction:
”If only the churches would relinquish all their control over education in the West Indies we would get somewhere.” These are the words of a prominent Trinidadian politician and they have been spoken with slightly differing grammar and syntax by many a bureaucrat since formal mass education began in the West Indies in 1838. “Politicians have used the education system as a political football which has been kicked so often that it is worn out, almost deflated and horribly misshapen.” So said and English church official on a recent visit to the West Indies…
It is the contention of this paper that this dichotomy in approach and intention between church and state and among various Christian denominations has been at the core of the rather chaotic evolution of West Indian education.

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