Saturday, April 30, 2016

Independence for Grenada – Myth or Reality?

Institute of International Relations, Independence for Grenada – Myth or Reality?, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago: Institute of International Relations, University of the West Indies, 1974.

Foreword & Introduction by Selwyn Ryan.

PART ONE: Grenada – A Social and Political Profile:
Social Stratification in Grenada, by Beverly Steele.
Commentary by Susan Craig.
The Movement Towards Grenadian Independence, by Richard Jacobs.
Commentary by Anthony Maingot.
Commentary by Archie Singham.
Grenadian Independence in the Context of the New Imperialism, by Archie Singham.
The Decolonization of Grenada in the U.N., by Basil Ince.
Commentary by Vaughan Lewis.
The Scope to Monetary and Financial Independence, by Nugent Miller.
Commentary by Anthony Gonzales.

PART TWO: Independence – Legal and Political Aspects:
The Meaning of Political Independence in the Commonwealth Caribbean, by Bernard Coard.
Commentary by Carl Parris.
Fundamental Human Rights, the Courts and the Independent West Indian Constitutions, by Chuks Okpaluba.
Commentary by Telford Georges.

PART THREE: Role of Agriculture in the Economic Development of Grenada:
The Potential for Increasing Agricultural Production in Grenada, by Theodore Ferguson.
Economic Aspects of Food Production in Grenada, by Curtis McIntosh and T.O. Osuji.
Market Prospects for Grenada’s Major Export Crops, by Winston Phillips.
Agro-Industries – Prospects for Grenada, by George Sammy.


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