Sunday, March 13, 2016

Haitian Migration and the Haitian Economy: Papers

Latortue, Paul R., Dianne E. Rocheleau & Karen E. Richman, Haitian Migration and the Haitian Economy: Papers, Gainesville: Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida, 1984.

Paul R. Latortue: The Haitian Economy in Historical Perspective; Dianne Rocheleau: Geographic and Socioeconomic Aspects of the Recent Haitian Migration to South Florida; Karen E. Richman: From Peasant to Migratory Farmworker: Haitian Migrants in U.S. Agriculture.
From Associate Director Terry L. McCoy:
The contents of Occasional Paper No. 3 originated in 1982. Dr. Latortue gave his paper at a mini-seminar on Haiti held at the University in July. He returned a year later as a Visiting Scholar with the Caribbean Migration Program. Dr. Rocheleu’s paper was done as a part of a joint research Project conducted with Florida International University under the State STAR grant to investigate the impact of immigrants and refugees on Florida. Karen Richman’s paper is derived from her work on Haitians in the domestic migrant stream.

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