Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Jamaican Historical Review, Vol. XI, 1978 (Journal)

The Jamaican Historical Review, Kingston: The Jamaica Historical Society, Vol. XI, 1978. (two copies)


1) The French Influence on Jamaica, by H.P. Jacobs.
2) Laborie’s Treatise on Coffee, by C.C. Langford.
3) A Savoyard in Kingston, buy F.J. Osbourne, SJ.

Notes and Documents: Edward D’Oyley’s Journal, part 2 transcribed by F.J. Osborne, SJ and edited by S.A.G. Taylor.

1) B.W. Higman, Slave Population and Economy, by G.W. Roberts.
2) H.P. Jacobs, Sixty Years of Change, by R.J. Stewart.
3) M. Pawson and D.J. Buisseret, Port Royal Jamaica, by M.T. Ashcroft.
4) K.E. Ingram, Sources of Jamaican History, by D. J. Buisseret.

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