Thursday, December 13, 2012

Homem, Cultura e Trópico

Freyre, Gilberto, Homem, Cultura e Trópico, Recife: Universidade do Recife, Imprensa Universitária, 1962.{Note: Signed by the author for Dr. Thomas G. Mathews; some termite damage to cover and text}

From the English introduction by Paul V. Shaw:
Gilberto Freyre, as the leading Brazilian sociologist, historian and outstanding authority on Brazilian and Portuguese social and anthropological developments, manages to do more writing, speaking and living in the 48 hours of his 24-hour day than seems possible without developing ulcers or breakdowns. With his glass of whiskey, Havana cigar and good “forkmanship”, he gives the impression of being a healthy extrovert without a care in the world. Ready to laugh and joke with the rest of us human beings as though we were something too. Therein lies one of the secrets of his success. His informality and simplicity of manner beguile his friends and acquaintances, his hosts and his guests and all those with whom he comes into contact so that with his keenly attuned senses and powers of observation he absorbs like a sponge and retains like a clam the whole passing show. This makes him an excellent traveler and much of the soundness of his venture into Tropicalism derives from his alert eyes, keen sense of smell, tactile sensibility, acute hearing and inquisitive speech. He sees, hears and smells all, almost literally.

Fundação Gilberto Freyre.

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