Thursday, May 5, 2016

Religious Cults of the Caribbean: Trinidad, Jamaica and Haiti

Simpson, George Eaton, Religious Cults of the Caribbean: Trinidad, Jamaica and Haiti, Rio Piedras: Institute of Caribbean Studies, 1970.

From the Foreword by Dr. Thomas Mathews:
The Institute of Caribbean Studies is extremely pleased to bring out this collection of studies of Professor George E. Simpson. This edition includes in its complete form the original study of the The Shango Cult in Trinidad which was one of the first manuscripts I accepted for publication when I was director of the Institute. (…) We are indeed pleased to be able to issue it again in this new and enlarged edition which includes other monographs and articles by Professor Simpson, long since out of print or difficult to locate in specialized journals.
As a former student at Oberlin College I had the distinct privilege of working with Professor Simpson several decades ago in breaking down the barriers of discrimination in what was supposedly a liberal college campus. I admired then the ability of Professor Simpson to carry beyond his mere academic interest the concern for Afro-American studies. Indeed, as is well recognized, he and his colleague Professor Milton Yinger with whom he collaborated to write a basic work in the field of race relations have pioneered in this area which today is so popular.

For the 1980 updated edition see THIS.

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