Monday, May 16, 2016

Development Dialogue - 2, (Journal)

Development Dialogue, (2), Uppsala: The Dag Hammarskjöld Centre, 1980.

Message from the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Hon. Michael Manley, to the South-North Conference on the International Monetary System and the New International Order.

No to IMF Meddling: President Nyerere’s New Year Message 1980 to the Diplomats accredited to Tanzania.

The Arusha Initiative: A Call for a United Nations Conference on International Money and Finance.

Solidarity with Jamaica: Resolution Adopted by the South-North Conference.

The Inadequacy and Loss of Legitimacy of the International Monetary Fund, by Ismail-Sabri Abdalla.

Swallowing the IMF Medicine in the 'Seventies, by Norman Girvan.

Restructuring the International Monetary System, by Justinian F. Rweyemamu.

Comments on the Long-term Proposals for Restructuring the International Monetary System, by Luigi Spaventa.

The IMF and the Third World: The Case of Jamaica, 1974-80, by Norman Girvan, Richard Bernal & Wesley Hughes.

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