Friday, January 30, 2015

The Genesis of Crown Colony Government: Trinidad, 1783-1810

Millette, James, The Genesis of Crown Colony Government: Trinidad, 1783-1810, Trinidad: Moko Enterprises Ltd., 1970.

Reviewed in Caribbean Studies © 1972.

James Millette:
He has taught for more than three decades on Caribbean , African, African American and imperial history with specific reference to comparative slavery, colonial government and administration, labor history, and the societies and politics of the modern Caribbean and the Third World .

From the Author’s Note:
This is a book about the history of Trinidad between 1783 and 1810. It is also a book about colonialism and imperialism, about revolution and counter-revolution and about the conflict between conservatism and change in the West Indies. It is, too, about the early struggles for autonomy and nationality in a British colonial society. Accordingly it focuses on the very contemporary problem of administering a conquered colony with non-British peoples and institutions in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. And as such it is much more than a simple book about Trinidad.

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