Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Histoire Générale des Antilles, Tome I, II, III, IV

Du Tertre, Jean Baptiste, Histoire Générale des Antilles, Tome I, II, III, IV, Fort-de-France: Réédition exécutées d'après l'édition de 1667 – 1671 aux frais de la Société d’Histoire de la Martinique, 1958 – 59.

Reissue executed after the edition of 1667 - 1671 by the Historical Society of Martinique.

Jean-Baptiste Du Tertre (Jacques Du Tertre; 1610 in Calais – 1687 in Paris)[1] was a French blackfriar and botanist. In 1633 he joined the Dutch army where he worked in the headquarters in Maastricht. Subsequently he joined the Dominican Order where he adapted his first name Jean-Baptiste. In 1640 he was sent as missionary to the Antilles from where he returned to France in 1658. He is the author of several works about the Antilles where he described the indigenous peoples, the animals, and the plant world.

See also: Du Tertre on the Caribs.

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