Sunday, January 11, 2015

David Frost Introduces Trinidad and Tobago

Anthony, Michael & Andrew Carr, Eds., David Frost Introduces Trinidad and Tobago, London: Andre Deutsch, 1975.

Introduction by David Frost.
On Choosing Port of Spain, by Derek Walcott.
A Brief History, by C.R. Ottley.
The Peoples of Trinidad and Tobago, by Merle Hodge.
First Sight, by Diana Athill.
In a South-eastern Village, by Michael Anthony.
Carnival, by Andrew Carr.
The Calypso, by Errol Hill.
Sparrow as Poet, by Gordon Rohlehr.
Steelband, by Pete Simon.
Cricket, by C.L.R. James.
East Indian Life and Culture, by Brinsley Samaroo.
brave Buildings, by John Newel Lewis.
Artists and Craftsmen, by M.P. Alladin.
Growing Up in Tobago, by E.M. Roach.
An Englishwoman Discovers Tobago, by Wenda Parkinson.
Natural History, by Victor C. Quesnel.
The Birds, by Richard P. ffrench.
The Food, by Therese Mills.

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