Thursday, February 9, 2017

Social and Economic Studies, Vol. 17 (Journal)

Social and Economic Studies, Vol. 17, No. 4, Jamaica: ISER, December 1968.

The Prestige Ranking of Occupations: Problems of Method and Interpretation Suggested by a Study in Guyana, by Sara Graham & David Beckles.

Cultural Pluralism and Sociological Theory: A Critique and Re-evaluation, by Malcolm Cross.

Demographic-Resource Push in Rural Migration, by R.N. Harris & E.S. Steer.

Higglering in Jamaica and the Mystique of Pure Competition, by Douglas G. Norvell & Marian K. Thompson.

Motives and Objectives of Migration: Selective Migration and Preferences toward Rural and Urban Life, by Leatrice D. MacDonald & John S. MacDonald.

The Effect of the Home on the School in Trinidad, by P.B. Dyer.

Some Financial Aspects of United States Contribution to the alliance for Progress, by Karel Holbik.

Impact of the Tea Industry on the Growth of the Ceylonese Economy, by Youngil Lim.

The Effects of Relative Changes in Final Demands on Industrial Outputs: A Note, by A.A. Francis.

West Indians in Canada: The Household Help Scheme, by Frances Henry.

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