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Bulletin of Eastern Caribbean Affairs, Vol. 9, Nos. 3 & 4 (Journals)

Bulletin of Eastern Caribbean Affairs, (Vol. 9, Nos. 3 & 4), Cave Hill, Barbados: Institute of Social and Economic Research, 1983.

See also: SALISES.

Vol. 9, No. 4:

Models of Social Change in the Caribbean, by Sehon Goodridge.
Bonus: Whether it can be Subject of Trade Dispute, by Roop L. Chaudhary.
Multilateral Barter: A Feasible Alternative for the Caribbean, by Wendell Samuel.
Water: A Major Constraint to Development, by United Nations Development Programme in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.
St. Kitts and Nevis First U.N. Address, by Hon. Kennedy Simmonds.
Official Statements on the Grenada Crisis.


Vol. 9, No. 3:

Teaching and Research in the Faculty of Arts and General Studies, by Vere Knight.
The Unit of Use of English and Linguistics, by Peter Roberts.
The Department of English, by Mark McWatt.
The Department of History, by Alvin Thompson.
The Department of French and Spanish, by S.D. Sardinha.
Document: Fourth Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community.



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