Sunday, October 11, 2015

In the Shadow of Death: Martinique and the World's Great Disasters

White, Trumbull, In the Shadow of Death: Martinique and the world's great disasters: a comprehensive account of the terrible calamity that befell the isles of the Caribbean sea, stricken by volcanic fires, The Publishers' Association, 1902. (very fragile; belonged to Cyril Creque)

From the author’s Preface:
The purpose of the present volume has been to combine in proper proportion, the various features which should give it permanent value for reading and reference no less than immediate value for its story of Martinique. With that in view, the chapters descriptive of the disasters of 1902, in Martinique, St. Vincent, Guatemala and elsewhere, are followed by a scientific explanation of the causes of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and kindred disturbances; a series of chapters relating the details of the most interesting historic disasters of the past, from Sodom and Gomorrah to the present day; and a complete and authentic account, historical and descriptive, of the whole West Indies, in which these latest disturbances occurred, and in which our own American interests are so rapidly advancing

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