Monday, June 22, 2015

The Virgin Islands: A Caribbean Lilliput

Lewis, Gordon K., The Virgin Islands: A Caribbean Lilliput, Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1972. (Signed by the author for Tom & Joyce Mathews)



PART ONE: The Past

1. The Danish Background.
2. 1917: The American Beginnings.
3. 1931: The New Deal Period.
4. 1941: The War Period and After.

PART TWO: The Present

5. The Economy.
6. The Social Milieu: The Native Virgin Islanders.
7. The Social Milieu: The Continentals.
8. The Social Milieu: The French and the Puerto Ricans.
9. The Social Milieu: The West Indian Aliens.
10. Family, Color, and Community.
11. Religion, Education, and Communications.
12. The Machinery of Government.
13. Parties and Politics.
14. The problem of Status.

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