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Revolution in Mexico: Years of Upheaval, 1910-1940

Wilkie, James Wallace, & Albert L. Michael, Eds., Revolution in Mexico: Years of Upheaval, 1910-1940, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1969. (paperback with pages coming loose.)


I. THE REVOLUTION: BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW (Prefatory notes by Ramon Beteta and Alberto Morales Jimenez)
Chronology: Mexico’s Presidents, 1876 – 1940.
1. Causes of the Revolution, by Frank R. Brandenburg.
2. Mexico’s Economic Development, 1910 – 1940, by Raymond Vernon.

II. THE REVOLUTION: A FIESTA OF BULLETS (Prefatory notes by Octavio Paz and Mariano Azuela)
Chronology of Important Events.
3. Plan of San Luis Potosi, by Francisco I. Madero.
4. Emiliano Zapata Greets the Victorious Francisco Madero, by Gildardo Magaña.
5. Plan of Ayala, by Emiliano Zapata, et. al.
6. The Arrest of Francisco Madero and Murder of His Brother, by Stanley R. Ross.
7. Mrs. Francisco Madero’s Attempt to Save the Life of Her Husband, by Ernest Gruening.
8. The Politics of Armed Struggle in the Mexican Revolution, 1913 – 1915, by Lyle C. Brown.
9. Pancho Villa and the Rules of War, by John Reed.
10. Villa Meets Zapata, by Robert E. Quirk.
11. The Crimson Jester: Zapata of Mexico, by Harry H. Dunn.
12. Moral Imperialism and the United States Intervention, by Howard F. Cline.
13. Note to President Wilson Concerning the United States Occupation of Veracruz, by Venustiano Carranza.
14. La Soldadera, by John Reed.
15. Generals, by Carleton Beals.
16. Battle of Celaya, by Robert E. Quirk.
17. Mexico’s Constitution of 1917, by Lyle C. Brown.
18. Open Letter to Carranza, by Emiliano Zapata.

III. THE NORTHERN DYNASTY (Prefatory notes by Francisco Javier Gaxiola, Jr., and Samuel Velazquez G.)
Chronology of the Northern Dynasty.
19. The Neo-Bourbons, by Howard F. Cline.
20. Alvaro Obregon: The Happy Man with One Arm, by Hudson Strode.
21. Bolshevist Mexico? By The New York Times.
22. Calles and the Mexican Oil Controversy, by Dwight W. Morrow.
23. The Achievements of Calles, by Frank R. Brandenburg.
24. Public Health in Mexico, by Ernest Gruening.
25. The Meaning of the Cristero Religious War, by James W. Wilkie.
26. The Indian Who Sways Mexico’s Destiny, Joaquin Amaro, by Carleton Beals.
27. The Foundation of Mexico’s Official Party, by Robert E. Scott.
28. “A Handful of Millionaires”, by Carlos Fuentes.
29. On Strikes, by Abelardo Rodriguez.
30. Letter of Resignation from the CROM, by Vicente Lombardo Toledano.
31. Calles’ Agrarian Ideology, by Eyler N. Simpson.
32. The Agrarian Reform Must Continue, by Graciano Sanchez.
33. “God Does Not Exist”, by Arnulfo Perez H.
34. Sexual Education and Socialist Education in Mexico – The early 1930’s, by James W. Wilkie.

IV. THE CARDENAS ERA (Prefatory notes by Carlos Fuentes and Daniel Cosio Villegas)
Chronology of the Cardenas Era.
35. Strikes Under Cardenas, by John W.F. Dulles.
36. Rise of the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM), by Nathaniel and Sylvia Weyl.
37. The Cardenas – Calles Break, by Albert L. Michaels.
38. Sinarquismo Victory in Tabasco, by Rev. Joseph Ledit, S.J.
39. Mexico’s Popular Front – The Party of the Mexican Revolution (PRM), by Nathaniel and Sylvia Weyl.
40. Cardenas Expropriates the Foreign-Owned Oil Industry, by William Cameron Townsend.
41. Oil Company Reaction, by E. David Cronon.
42. Problems of the Cardenas Government, by Virginia Prewett.
43. Mexico’s Future, by Jose Vasconcelos.
44. The Founding of the National Action Party (PAN), by Manuel Gomez Morin.
45. Election Day, 1940, by Betty Kirk.
46. A Communist’s View of Cardenas, by Valentin Campa.
47. A Summary of the Cardenas Epoch, by Albert L. Michaels.

V. CONCLUSION. (Prefatory notes by Manuel Avila Camacho and Frederico Bach)
48. Mexico’s Transition in 1940, by Howard F. Cline.
Bibliographic Essay.
Bibliographic Index of Authors Quoted.

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