Friday, June 12, 2015

The Modern Culture of Latin America: Society and the Artist

Franco, Jean, The Modern Culture of Latin America: society and the artist, New York: Frederick A. Praeger, 1967.

Reviewed in the Journal of Inter-American Studies © 1969.

Jean Franco (born 31 March 1924) is a British-born academic and literary critic known for her pioneering work on Latin American literature. Educated at Manchester and London, she has taught at London, Essex (where she was the university's first professor of Latin American literature),[1] and Stanford, and is currently professor emerita at Columbia University.

Introduction: The Artist and Social Conscience

1. A Symbolic Revolt: The Modernist Movement

2. The Select Minority: Arielism and Criollismo, 1900 – 1918

3. Back to the Roots: I Cultural Nationalism

4. Back to the Roots: II The Indian, the Negro, the Land

5. Art and the Political Struggle

6. Cosmopolitan or Universal?

7. The Writer as Conscience of his Country

8. The Writer and the National Situation

In Conclusion

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