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Taxing The Transnationals in the Struggle Over Bauxite

Francis, A. A., Taxing The Transnationals in the Struggle Over Bauxite, The Hague: Institute for Social Studies; Kingston, Jamaica: Heinemann Educational Books, 1981.

Reviewed in Social and Economic Studies © 1981.


I. Taxation and the Transnational Mining Firm: an Historical Background for the Case of Jamaica.

II. Taxation of the Transnational Firms and Neoclassical Economic Theory: a Critique.

III. Some Recent Research on the Scope for Taxation of the Bauxite/Alumina/Aluminum Industry.

IV. Towards a Theoretical Framework for Analysing Economic Behaviour in the Bauxite/Alumina/Aluminum Industry.

V. Factual Information on the Pricing Behaviour of Firms in the Aluminum Industry.

VI. Modelling the Bauxite/Alumina/Aluminum Industry.

VII. Production, Realising Prices and Profitability in the Bauxite/Alumina/Aluminum Industry Before and After the Bauxite Production Levy.

VIII. The Jamaican Bauxite Production Levy and the Subsequent Bauxite Agreements.

IX. Indexation and the Degree of Monopoly.

X. Summary and Conclusions.


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