Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mitre and Argentina

Jeffrey, William H., Mitre and Argentina, New York: Library Publishers, 1952.

Reviewed in The Hispanic American Historical Review © 1953.

Reviewed in The Americas © 1953.

Reviewed in The American Historical Review © 1953.

From the Preface:
This study of a man, Bartolomé Mitre, and his nation, Argentina, is presented as an effort to cover, in the English language, a little known era in the history of one of our neighbors to the south, particularly as revealed in the life of one of its greatest men. It begins with the brief treatment of Argentine history from independence to the overthrow of Rosas, then turns to the life of Bartolomé Mitre himself, his early years, his wanderings in exile, his return to Argentina to recognize first Buenos Aires and then the nation. It follows him through the presidency of the nation and Argentina's greatest war and then into a retirement made useful by extensive literary efforts and an occasional return to the political and diplomatic scene. His life, spanning most of the nineteenth century, was one rich in service to the nation and the continent, well deserving the title Benemérito de la Patria.

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