Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Crime Against Cuba

Lamont, Corliss, The Crime Against Cuba, New York: Basic Pamphlets, 1961.

Corliss Lamont (March 28, 1902 – April 26, 1995; aged 93) was an American socialist philosopher, and advocate of various left-wing and civil liberties causes. As a part of his political activities he was the Chairman of National Council of American-Soviet Friendship starting from the early 1940s.

Basic Pamphlet 14, The Crime Against Cuba, is of special interest even today due to the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald, suspected assassin of U.S. president John F. Kennedy, distributed copies of it on the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, during the summer of 1963, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) purchased 45 copies of the pamphlet in June 1961. The Crime Against Cuba was Exhibit No. 3120 in the Warren Commission Report.

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