Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Capitals of Jamaica: Spanish Town, Kingston, Port Royal

Adolphe Roberts, Walter, Ed., The Capitals of Jamaica: Spanish Town, Kingston, Port Royal, Kingston: Pioneer Press, 1955.

Walter Adolphe Roberts, historian, poet novelist, journalist and patriot was born 1886 in Kingston, Jamaica . He was the son of Adolphus Roberts a clergyman Curate of the Kingston Parish Church, Chaplain at Port Royal and Rector at Luidas Vale. His mother Josephine Fannie (nee Napier), was of French ancestry. Walter Adolphe spent his early years at his home near Mandeville, Manchester where he received his early education.

From as far back as the 1950s Walter Adolphe became president of many organizations in Jamaica including the Jamaica Historical Society (1955-57), Jamaica Library Association (1958), The Poetry League of Jamaica and the Natural History Society of Jamaica. He was also chairman of the Board of Governors to the Institute of Jamaica at the time of his death, September 14, 1962 at the age of 76.

Preface: Our Unique City, by W. Adolphe Roberts

Spanish Town, by Sybil Williams.

Port Royal, by S.A.G. Taylor.

The Founding of Kingston, by J.G. Young.

Kingston in the 18th Century, by Clinton V. Black.

Kingston in the 19th Century, by F.L. Casserly.

From 1901 to the Earthquake, by E.V. Clarke.

From the Earthquake to 1944, by H.P. Jacobs.

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