Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tabago, Antille Française (1781-1793) - separata

Nardin, Jean-Claude, "Tabago, Antille française (1781-1793)", extrait des Annales des Antilles No 14, 1966. (signed by the author for Dr. Mathews)

Jean-Claude Nardin defended his thesis at the École des Chartes in 1962 on the development of the island of Tobago, published in 1969 as La mise en valeur de l'île de Tobago (1763-1793), and awarded the Gabriel-Monod prize of the Académie des Sciences morales et politiques.

From The early colonization of Tobago: bibliographical and archival material in Martinique and France, by Vincent Huyghues-Belrose:
The third era of Tobago history starts in 1613 with the claims for settlement of the Dutch from Flushing, the English, the Courlanders (or Couronians) and the Swedish, even the French. This period lasted until the beginning of the eighteenth century when the island returned to a solitary silence.

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