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The Decline and Abolition of Negro Slavery in Venezuela, 1820-1854

Lombardi, John V., The Decline and Abolition of Negro Slavery in Venezuela, 1820-1854, Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Pub. Corp., 1971.

Reviewed at The Americas © 1972.

Reviewed at The Journal of Economic History © 1976.

Reviewed at The Hispanic American Historical Review © 1973.

Reviewed at Caribbean Quarterly © 1972.

From the Inner Sleeve:
”Professor Lombardi’s work is both extremely well researched and refreshingly original. It not only extends the available knowledge… but also offers important qualifications to the glib generalizations concerning slavery in Latin America. There is no doubt that [this] study is of superlative value and outstanding importance both for the history of Venezuela as well as for the history of Latin American slave societies in the nineteenth century. It is precisely on such micro-studies that comparative history must depend to make itself more meaningful.” – Franklin W. Knight

John Vincent Paul Maher Lombardi (born August 19, 1942) is an American professor and former university administrator. He is a native of California, and earned his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees before becoming a professor of Latin American history. Lombardi has served as the president of the University of Florida, the chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the president of the Louisiana State University System.
Lombardi is a specialist in Latin American history, and has a particular interest in Venezuela.[2] He has written numerous academic journal articles and several books on Venezuela and Latin American history and affairs, as well as on many university administration-related subjects.[4] He is a nationally recognized authority on American higher education, and has been the co-editor of the annual editions of The Top American Research Universities from 2000 to the present.[10] In addition to Latin American history classes, he has taught courses on intercollegiate sports, international business and university management.[4]

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