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Government and Politics in Latin America: A Reader

Snow, Peter G., Government and Politics in Latin America: A Reader, U.S.A.: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1967.


List of Contributors

1. The State of Research on Latin America: Political Science, by Merle King.

Part 1 – The Cultural Background
2. Latin American Culture: To Be or Not To Be, by H. A. Murena.
3. Social Classes in Latin America, by William Stokes.
4. A Typology of Latin American Subcultures, by Charles W. Wagley and Marvin Harris.
5. The Educational Situation and Requirements in Latin America, by Oscar Vera.
6. Religion in Latin America, by Frank Tannenbaum.
7. Essay of a Socio-economic Typology of the Latin American Countries, by Roger Vekemans and J.L. Segundo.

Part 2 – The Governmental System
8. Latin American Constitutions: Nominal and Real, by J. Lloyd Mecham.
9. The Centralized Federal Republics of Latin America, by William S. Stokes.
10. Latin American Executives: Essence and Variation, by Rosendo A. Gomez.
11. The Legislative Assemblies of Latin America, by William W. Pierson and Federico G. Gil.
12. Latin American Judicial Systems, by Helen Clagett.

Part 3 – The Political System
13. Toward a Theory of Latin American Politics, by Charles W. Anderson.
14. Toward the Comparative Study of Politicization in Latin America, by Daniel Goldrich.
15. Measurement of Latin American Political Change, by Russel H. Fitzgibbon and Kenneth F. Johnson.
16. Civil-Military Relations in Latin America, by L.N. McAlister.
17. The Military: A Revolutionary Force, by Edwin Lieuwen.
18. Politics, Social Structure, and Military Intervention, by Gino Germani and Kalman Silvert.
19. The Church-State Relationship, by Frederick B. Pike.
20. The Force of the Church, by John J. Kennedy.
21. Labor in Latin America, by Victor Alba.
22. Latin America’s Secular Labor Movement, by Robert J. Alexander.
23. The University Students, by Kalman Silvert.
24. The Emergence of Modern Political Parties in Latin America, by Robert J. Alexander.
25. Dilemmas in the Study of Latin American Political Parties, by John D. Martz.

Part 4 – Major Political Issues
26. The Land Reform Issue in Latin America, by Thomas F. Carroll.
27. Nationalism in Latin America, by Kalman Silvert.
28. The New Latin American Nationalism, by John J. Johnson.
29. The Alliance for Progress: Aims, Distortions and Obstacles, by Alberto Lleras Camargo.
30. The Alliance and Political Goals, by José Figueres.
31. Who Are the Communists, by Rollie E. Poppino.
32. Conditions favoring the rise of Communism in Latin America, by Robert J. Alexander.
33. The Thinking of the Military on Major National Issues, by John J. Johnson.

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