Saturday, April 6, 2013

Una Holandesa en América: novela

Acosta de Samper, Soledad, Una Holandesa en América: novela, Curazao: A. Bethencourt e Hijos, 1888.

Disponible en linea.

Ficha Bibliográfica.

Soledad Acosta Kemble (5 May 1833 — 17 March 1913)[1] was a Colombian writer and journalist. A sophisticated, well-travelled, and social woman, she received a much higher and better rounded education than most women of her time and country, and enjoyed a high standing in society, not only for her family background, but for her own literary endeavours. She collaborated in various newspapers including El Comercio, El Deber, and Revista Americana, among other periodicals. Using her writings, she was a feminist well ahead of her time, she lobbied for equal education for women, and wrote on various topics pertaining to female participation in society and family, encouraging others to become proactive in the workforce and in the restoration of society.

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